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Top-class company fee but unqualifiable customer care. I am one of Worldcore customers since 2016.

I've choosen them because at that time Worldcore what one of the few banks available for foreign companies and I was not able to open a business bank account in my company's country because I was not resident there. Decent KYC/CDD procedures, good-looking website - I was ready to accept thay high fees in order to fix my issue. I was expecting a top-level customer service -- I believe that a reliable customer service is a must for an online bank, nowadays. Mostly if the bank charges high fees.

This is not the case of Worldcore -- you pay a lot for their services but you can't rely on their support. Replies are tardive and barely adequate. So every single time you need to contact them you must take into account that: 1) their help will be provided when it's convenient for them; 2) their help could not solve your issues. Do you have two accounts, let's say one in GBP and one in EUR?

Great. Following one of my tickets, they wrote me that 'soon' a direct switch from the GBP account to the EUR account (and viceversa, it goes without saying) would have been made available. Two years passed. The switch is still not possible.

This morning I've bought one of their virtual card. "Issuance time: instant," their website says. The card status is still 'pending,' because 'A technical problem has appeared. Please contact personal concierge to solve it.' I know the quality of their so-called 'corcierge'...

I just have to wait and keep my finger crossed.

Not to mention when they decided to change the account bank details (IBAN) without notice... I wouldn't say that Worldcore is a scam -- it's just a bank unable to provide a customer service worthy of the name.

Product or Service Mentioned: Worldcore Customer Care.

Reason of review: Good-looking website.

Worldcore Pros: Interface looks quite good.

Worldcore Cons: Zero customer service.

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Lies, their customer service may sometimes not be very present, but otherwise overall they are there.And it's not possible from your IBAN story, because there isn't one yet. They are in the process of regulating SWIFT and SEPA for a future IBAN in each country.


I'm happy that you had a good experience with them. But don't tell me I'm a liar -- every single thing I wrote is true.

I would never suggest Worldcore to my friends. I would recommend it to someone I hate.Just to add something to what I wrote above: after 1 week I requested Worldcore's assistance for the debit card, they gave me the feedback that follows: "Unfortunately, we temporary do not issue new cards anymore as our collaboration with Wavecrest (third party partner - card issuer) has been canceled [sic!]. We will come up with another solution, but we need some time". And then: "To open or close account is fully free of charge," they stressed out.My reply: "You are now selling a service you can't provide, and you are also charging your customers for that service.

Once again, I strongly believe you are close to cross the border between 'unfair' and 'cheat and scam,' because now I feel like someone who 5 pounds have been stolen. Could you please inform me about who can I close my accounts?".Their reply: "At the moment we are in process of finishing the procedure of opening a business account for our company.

As soon as the option of sending/receiving payments will be available, the rest of the funds of your Worldcore will be sent out to your account at any other bank".So, could you affirm that a financial institution that doesn't allow its customers to close business relationships with it is a serious business? Are you kidding me?

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