Like many others have reported they challenged my transaction as being "fake" or "illegal" using spurious arguments and demanding unreasonable and obtrusive documentation. After many days of arguing I got most of my money back but they refused to transfer it where I wanted and they stole over $200 in "fees".

I tried everything I could to get a resolution and to file an official complaint but it all went nowhere.

Apparently they are operating out of the Czech Republic and it is very difficult to determine who you even need to complain to let alone to get someone on the phone that speaks English. As for the company's own "customer service" it's clear that they are only in business to rip people off, not to do a legitimate business.

Monetary Loss: $262.

Worldcore Cons: Theft, Fraud.

Location: London, England

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For my part, everything is good.


ICO Worldcore - Scаm! Причастен мошенник Павел Крымов - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=225****.new#new

ICO Worldcore - Scam! Swindler Pavel Krymov is involved - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=217****.new#new


It is crazy to see how they "defend" themselves by commenting and exposing in detail about what actually happened when someone posts a complained.

They motivate you to switch your entire financial flow to them where you can control everything at minimal fees.

But you should look at those fees in detail and compare that with what you would pay at a bank. After that question yourself what you can do with Worldcore that you cannot do with a bank. The only thing they offer at interesting fees is money transfers between members for free. Other than that I would say stick with a bank and get a prepaid card to load from a bank.

Works the same at a fraction of the cost you would pay for banking with Worldcore.

Oh... one last thing... try to call them and see if anyone answers.

I tried a couple of times...

nobody picked up the phone. Again people: use a bank.


Same here. Should've known better and done my homework.


Yep... me too.

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