I have over $10,000 USD in my account. I had a virtual card with them.

There were fraudulent charges which they did not notify me of. I logged into my account to find them. When I notified them, they blocked my card, but then demanded I send them copies of all the pages of my passport. I never heard of this and checked with Mastercard, this is not normal and not ok.

Mastercard said they never heard of this. I tried to make a bank transfer to get my money out of the account and then they said this: At the moment due to the tightening of the rules for servicing payment institutions in Europe, some banks refuse to take us for maintenance, and those in which we were serviced had to close our accounts due to new rules from the regulator. At the moment, we are working hard to open new accounts in order to resume operations with bank transfers as soon as possible. As soon as we open the first account, we will immediately notify all customers through the news on the site, social networks and mailing on the client base.

All payments are temporarily unavailable.

We are sorry for any inconveniences and thank you for understanding. Now I have no way to get my money out of the account and I have read terrible reviews of them holding many people's money with no reason.

Product or Service Mentioned: Worldcore Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Worldcore is fair company


I have never received this kind of messages since I have an account with them...


This client claimed that there were some fraudulent transactions on his virtual card initiated by someone else. This is almost impossible because of MasterCard 3D Secure security option.

Our card issuer Wave Crest Holdings limited requested the client to provide required for such cases documents to proceed with chargebacks:

1. Police complaint filed at a nearest police station with the fraudulent information in it


Full copy of passport pages from date of issuance .

The client refused to provide full copy of passport pages for our card issuer without any reason, this is the only reason why the card issuer didn't proceed with his complaint and chargebacks. The client's behavious looks suspicious because nobody asked anything special to be done for such case and we as well as our card issuer have to request some documents as any financial institution would do to proceed with chargeback.

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