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I have too got scammed the very same way like all these gents before me. I got ripped of for 150€.

I have worked with them for like 5 months without any hick-ups or problems. Then just out of nowhere I wasn't able to move my money from their account, my debit card wasn't working anymore, and their support couldn't been reached by their support system, email or phone. They keep saying on other forums that all these are fake reports, but my question is this: How come there are no so many "fake" reports for any other legitimate banks and financial institutions in the world? Like HSBC, LLOYD'S, BARCLAYS, PAYPAL, etc.

Personally, i don't care for my loss or my privacy (they tend to reveal all your private info's ones when you accuse them of a fraud), and I'm going to put a lot of heat on them online and offline in Check Republic. My lawyer is picking up all the documentation and I will setup a website for this case in next few days which will allow people to register and tell their story.

Good luck Worldcore and Alex Nasonov, you are going to need it. This post will be updated later on.

Product or Service Mentioned: Worldcore Ultimate Debit Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Worldcore Cons: Fraud, Theft fraud dishonesty zero customer service.

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I have appointed a lawyer in Prague for the purpose of suing Worldcore. Anyone whose money is trapped there is invited to contact me for details. osdima1@***.com


Well, since the position is old, since the anchor sank, and I can tell you that this position is completely false.


I use world core already 1.5 year. Using there services to send money between my family.

All work perfect.

Support are professionals and solving problems very fast. I don't believe in this!


This is actually an organized FUD. This details are unreal.

They begin to start to FUD the project because of the ongoing ICO of worldcore.

And they want some money from them to stop plaguing lies about worldcore. Do not believe in everything you see in the internet.

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